So obviously this last weekend the NFL was at the center of huge controversy. I personally love football but will no longer be watching, first of all I think the 2 minutes in which they decided to hold this protest was extremely disrespectful and not very well thought out. However lets take that out of the equation lets say it wasn’t during the National Anthem, but instead right before it like the Cowboys decided to do yesterday. I still disapprove, why though?

I, like the rest of the people that think like me, are so sick and tired of the lefts political beliefs being forced down our throats. We have been told by actors, actresses, celebrities, talk show hosts, businesses, friends, and family that if we support our president then we are not welcome. That’s fine we will just walk away then. That is exactly what is happening with the NFL. Up until recently we could get together with friends from all walks of life and create friendly rivalries, drink beer, hang out, create memories, and continue traditions. Bringing politics into it has ruined it all.

One of the main reasons we are so over protests is because the left uses them for EVERYTHING. They protest to free the nipple, they protest against freedom of speech on campuses, against police brutality, or cops targeting black men (when statistics clearly show that is wrong), they protest the non existent wage gap, for men to use women’s bathrooms, they protest wearing pussy hats, with signs that say “fuck this, and fuck that” and the biggest one that I believe fuels them all is they protest our president. We get it you don’t like the President, you haven’t shut up about it for the past year. However we voted for him and we will do it again so just shut up and enjoy the ride. We are tired of cry babies that protest every little thing and are extremely disrespectful when doing it. Do you want to know why Martin Luther King Jr. was so successful and will be remembered for his role in the civil rights movement? Because his protest had one goal, he let the opposition show their true face, he let racism speak for itself so that no one could deny it. when you protest the wage gap or police targeting black men you cant have those issues speak for themselves because all the evidence disproves them. BLM looks like a joke because the evidence shows that black on black violence is higher than anything else out there, and more white men are killed by police than black men on a yearly basis.

These constant protests have put a bad taste in our mouths regardless of what they are about. And lets be honest this latest one by the NFL has nothing to do with black oppression, and everything to do with what Trump said right before it happened, this was a protest against our president. Now lets say it was about black oppression, pick a better stage. The NFL is a majority of young black men who earn millions of dollars to play a game. At any given time each player has thousands of people wearing a jersey with their name on it to show they support and admire them. NFL fans (republican and democrat) spend millions of dollars to support these players. If that isn’t proof of how far this country has come in the last 50 years I don’t know what is. Please tell me if this protest was in fact about black oppression what came of it? was there money raised? Are schools in lower income communities going to benefit? I’m really interested because I have seen nothing positive come out of this. A better stage would be going to the ghetto and exposing the hardships of lower class schools, or crime in those neighborhoods that leads to those young men having altercations with the police. The thing is when you look into that issue (which I have wrote about before) you wont find that it only affects young black people. You will find that it affects all races, that are living in lower class communities, but that doesn’t fit the narrative does it? That doesn’t help fuel the misconception of current day black oppression. However all of this is irrelevant.

No one heard the real issue being raised on Sunday because all we saw were a bunch of cry babies hurt by what the president had said. Like I said we are over it. The NFL is there for Americas enjoyment, to get us to stop worrying about day to day life. It is a job. Those men get paid to make their fans happy, Just like when you go to a restaurant you expect your server to be respectful and just do their job and if they don’t you just don’t go back. I challenge any of you “regular people” to go to work and do what these players did in the middle of your job. Let me know long it is before you get fired or written up. That is why politics has no place in the work place because you work for ALL people. actors, actresses, and athletes are no Exception and when they let their political beliefs guide their jobs they will lose fans.

The NFL has denied players the right to protest and show support before (the 5 police officers killed in Dallas), so why allow it now? All protests and politically motivated activities should be done on your own time. Not everyone has the same beliefs and football is all about inclusiveness so KEEP IT OFF THE FIELD.

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