National Anthem, time to pray? Or time to show thanks.

GettyImages-836525120_gu1b9iDuring the Monday night football game August 21st 2017, at least twelve of  the Cleveland Browns players decided, as a group, to kneel during the anthem. A number of them were interviewed after the game and asked why they decided to kneel. Jabrill Peppers was one of them interviewed, he said during the interview, “Ultimately, we thought coming together and praying for our nation was the best outcome that we could have gotten for everyone to come together and express how we feel.”  I am a big Univeristy of Michigan fan, so seeing Jabrill Peppers in the NFL was very anticipated. That was until he showed his ignorance. The university of Michigan believes in being the leaders and the best, not followers like the rest. You say that you and your teammates wanted to pray for the nation, and express how you feel. Why during the National Anthem? The National Anthem is less than 2 minutes long, that leaves you 23 hours and 58 min of the day to pray. If your going to be an attention whore like Colin Kaepernick then at least be honest about it. Peppers wasn’t alone in this disgusting protest, Seth Devalve wanted to join the spotlight, Seth wanted to become the first white player to kneel during the Anthem. He stated that he “wanted to support his African American teammates”. What is it that you are supporting Seth? A total lack of respect? Ignorance to what the flag stands for and why we stand in silence during the greatest national anthem this world has ever known? We do not stand for police officers, we do not stand for our president, we do not stand for any elected official, we stand for the bravest people on earth, our military. If your blood boils when you see these idiots kneel during the Anthem, you are not alone, and it is only a matter of time until somebody from the crowd has an altercation with these ungrateful attention whores. But don’t worry the media will be right there to defend the athletes.

As a veteran I respect the choice to protest, I do not agree with the timing though, American youth today see professional athletes as role models. They buy their jerseys, they wear the same clothes, buy their merchandise and go to the games. There is a huge responsibility these athletes have to act as adults at all times, not just when the cameras are on them.  As a parent of a child who is playing high school football with aspirations of going to college playing the sport he loves, I remind him that his actions can and do influence others. Character is not shown when the cameras ore on you, rather when nobody is paying attention. If you choose to make a stand against something while in the spotlight but choose to do nothing when there are no cameras that makes you a coward.

What is it that these athletes are protesting? Social injustice is the usual answer, but what injustice are they talking about? If President Trump didn’t run for president, and Hilary Clinton was our President would these protests be happening? Colin Kaepernick started this trend last football season. Colin claims he knelt because of police brutality in the black community. What does the National Anthem have to do with that?  He took it up a notch when he knelt during the Anthem before the game against the Chargers, San Diego is home to hundred’s of thousands of active duty and retired military personnel, on top of that it was military night at Qualcomm stadium. The ultimate slap in the face to those who have served. We do not stand during the national anthem in support of our police officers, we stand for those who have fought for our freedom, especially those who sacrificed their lives to give you the rights you have.

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