The Dreaded Wage Gap

Modern day Feminists love to go on and on about male privilege and they believe one of the most detrimental privileges that men receive is higher wages. Well I’m sorry to say ladies but that simply isn’t true. At this point I think it is relevant to mention I am a woman, because for some people a man stating facts about how he isn’t paid more is just him being “oppressive” and “sexist”.

There are several flaws in the feminist logic when they try to sell the wage gap. The biggest Elephant in the room being that it is completely ILLEGAL for a company to pay someone less simply because of their gender. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 made sure of that, so in 1963 the government did away with the dreaded wage gap. So why on Gods green earth are feminists still spouting this bullshit in 2017?

The second major flaw In feminists way of thinking is the way they go about figuring out the wage gap. They aren’t comparing similar jobs they are averaging all jobs in America, how can you come even close to accurate numbers when you are comparing a Lawyer to a secretary or a lawyer to a CEO the differences between these salaries can be enormous. The fact is on average men hold higher positions in companies and to some this may seem unfair but there are many things that factor into this. SDT-2014-04_moms-at-home-0-03

For example as of 2012, 29% of women were not even in the work force, most of those choosing to be stay at home mothers instead. Then we have to consider that women on average enter lower salary jobs (teachers, nurses) so of course they wouldn’t make as much as a man who is a Lawyer or a CEO.

Now according to Feminists the way we can fix this wage gap is by increasing women’s salaries in low wage jobs and making it easier for women to enter high-paying careers ensuring that women don’t take a financial hit for being parents. Now to me if there was a pay gap this would not be the way to deal with it, because if you force employers to pay women more in what are already considered low wage jobs they just wont hire women. Employers would  hire what they are legally required to and that would be it. As far as making it easier for women to enter higher paying jobs that is just ignorant. Careers have certain requirements for a reason, and again it would push companies to hire more men why? because they want someone qualified to do the job. If you have a man with a high level of education and 10 years experience you are not going to pass him up for a woman who has the same education but no experience, that’s just common sense.

Now Motherhood, as a woman I am always being told by Feminists that just because I have kids does not mean I cant have a career or that it should affect my pay when compared to a mans pay. I say bullshit. Companies pay you for your time and on average men work more than women. When a man and a woman take on the responsibility of having a child obviously more of the “burden” is put on the woman because of the simple fact men cant carry children or breastfeed also most women usually need extra time with their children to combat post partum depression. Women need to realize that children require sacrifices that is not to say that we cant still have rewarding careers but you cant expect companies to pay you more if, like in my family the woman takes more responsibility over the kids and their needs. If my husband and I shared the same job and we made the decision that when it came to the kids I would be the one that would leave work earlier than him to make sure they were taken care, I would not expect to be paid the same as him.

Women if you truly believe your company is paying you less than your male counterpart take them to court! However you must keep a few things in mind if you actually want to win said case:

  1. You must hold the same credentials (education and experience) as your male counterpart.
  2. You must work the same amount as your male counterpart
  3. You must hold the same exact job as your male counterpart at the same company.

If you cannot meet these basic requirements than sit your ass down you are embarrassing the rest of us.

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