Manic Media

On July 7, 2016, Micah Xavier Johnson ambushed and fired upon a group of police officers in Dallas, Texas at a ‘black lives matter’ rally, killing five officers and injuring nine others and wounding two civilians.

Although Johnson was a clear supporter of the BLM (a group known for chanting about killing cops) when Obama made his speech he at no point connected Johnson to blm, and made it a point to focus on the one man. Although this ultimately marked the beginning of the end for a movement that seemed to be gaining so much steam the story faded from the media spotlight as fast as it appeared.
The Unite the Right rally (also known as the Charlottesville rally) was a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States from August 11–12, 2017, to oppose the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee in Emancipation Park, which itself was renamed two months earlier. After Anitfa (a group known for violence against anyone with opposing beliefs) showed up and clashes occurred between the two groups, the police broke up the rally. 1 person was killed and 19 people injured a half mile away from the rally site by a man that rammed into the counter protesters (antifa) with his car.

Trump came out and condemned both groups for there actions, and that was the signal for the media to attack. Stories flooded the internet about all sorts of things like, Trump being a racist, neo-nazi supporter, and many other outrageous things all because he condemned the actions of both violent groups in the wake of one mans actions. It didn’t stop there, the pressure became so strong against many people associated with trump that within days people began resigning from positions to get away from media heat. The extremely bad press shook the nations economy as much as the threat of nuclear war.

Our constitution was created to protect the people from tyranny, and it has and will always serve its purpose if it remains in tacked and unmolested. Free speech and freedom of the press are essential in preserving our way of life. In recent time our freedom of speech is under serious attack by political correctness, and groups like Antifa. Yet the media does not cover this, the media only covers what suits their obvious agenda, and this is wrong. Media has become an even more powerful tool with the invention of the internet. You can now push a particular view of a situation through many outlets in the blink of an eye and bombard people with it until that way of viewing it becomes fact. That is how dictatorships use their government run news sources. While freedom of the press should be protected at all cost, it has become very clear that privately owned media has a lot more control over our economy than previously thought. It parallels that of government owned media in its ability to shape and change the outcome of events, or at least the economic reaction of events. We need laws in places to help bring our media back to more neutral grounds. I’m not at all saying that the media shouldn’t say anything opposing our government, but when blatant attempts to manipulate the masses are made, and it can be proven in court, fines should be issued, or at least the way these businesses are run and who runs them should be investigated. After all, at this point the media has a lot of control over what politicians get in office, and as the years go by and more and more generations grow up watching the news about how blacks are still treated like slaves and everything wrong with society is because of republicans. The young people will believe it and at some point they will far out number us in votes. Whoever owns the media will have full control of the government, just like any dictatorship.

Ricky –

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