‘Crisis of Education’

I think everyone will agree with me that there is definitely a crisis when it comes to our education system. Whether you believe the problem is insanely high tuitions or outrageous teachings in schools that have no business there, during the last election education was a hot spot that always came up. Protests and riots, often connected to universities, pop up in the news in waves, and it seems that there needs to be something done to fix the system. Maybe we need to step back and analyze what is causing the issues in the first place. After all, you need to change the causes of an issue if you ever hope to stop it from coming back. So where did the issues begin? I see the beginning of the end started in 1965 when Lyndon Johnson was in office and what is now known as the FFEL, a program started to federally grant student loans so everyone could go to college. This seems great and originally it was. The universities of California are a good example of how this guaranteed income would affect schools. Think of it like a car, if it were difficult to get financed most of us would be driving cheap cars we could buy outright. The opposite is true in this case, the universities of California went from being $75 per student per year in 1956 to $300 per student per year in 1968. Once the “tuition free golden years” came to an end and government funding was cut from 65% to 16%. Costs of tuition ran ramped and demand for college is at a all time high with the belief that you have to go to college to make a good living. This belief has been forced down the throats of our recent generations.So now we are here, with hundreds of thousands of angry students paying a ton of money for tuition and being taught politics and economics about why schools cost so much by union teachers that are worried that republicans are going cut more funding and cause them to lose wages. All the while democrats want to add more policies to try and “band-aid” their already failing policies.

Or is it? Is it a failing policy or is this a planned sabotage…

History teaches us a lot about how the masses react and can be manipulated, in fact the title of this article was a statement made by a man that fixed the failing education of there country. They had to many people attending college and it was costing the government to much money. They created government scholarships that covered everything including if you wanted to go to the theater. The government fixed most of the economical issues under there new leader, and the people willingly and happily voted in the national socialist workers party (nazis). They tailored their speeches to the specifics of the groups they were talking to, and controlled the media, and their rise to power was accomplished by economic uncertainty. Now we are beginning to see a lot of the same things happening that has set this country up for radical views to take power and for the people to vote away their freedoms for the certainty of their future.   

Ricky  – Freedom.or.death@mail.com

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