The Plight of Being A Black Republican

Honestly I shouldn’t even title this black “republicans” because it really applies to all black people who don’t fall for the lefts race baiting bullshit. For years the republican party has been seen as this..racist republicans

And for so long it has been anything but this.

First of all let me touch on another subject real quick. The republican party is accused of not having enough black people in positions of power. now I am not going to refute that but there are two main reasons why that is. 1. The majority of black people consider themselves democrats so of course they would not be in positions of power In the republican party. They believe the democratic party is fighting for them and that the right is full of a bunch of racists. 2. lets look at the numbers.

2010 census

According to the united States Census of 2010 only 8% of Americans are black or African American. Where people who are white hold 69%. So of course it would seem logical that there wouldn’t be many black Americans in positions of power. However it goes even further than that of that 8% how many do you think align themselves with the republican party?


According to only 1% of the total 8% of Black Americans in the United States consider themselves “Strong Republicans” now I am only taking that 1% into consideration because to run for a republican place in power I would assume you would consider your self a “strong Republican”. After looking at it broke down like this it is not hard to understand why there are not a lot of Black people in positions of power, there are simply not enough of them.

However, there are some amazing Black Americans in the republican party; Ben Carson, Condoleezza Rice, Michael Steele, Colin Powell, Clarence Thomas, Allen West. These are just a few and they all were in positions of power at one point or another. While doing my research I wanted to know more about Condoleezza Rice and what I found was quite interesting. She was a professor at Stanford University and until 1982 she was a democrat but she switched parties due to her opposing the foreign policies held by the Left at the time. Her dad played a major role in her transition to the Republican party because he had been a republican since 1952. At the 2000 RNC Rice said this, “My father joined our party because the Democrats in Jim Crow Alabama of 1952 would not register him to vote, the Republicans did.” That right there speaks volumes to me, but I will let you take what you will from that.

Some of the people above have started a kind of revolution within the black community making a way for young black republicans to not be scared of getting their political views out there, and to not feel guilty about going against the black communities loyalty to the Democratic party. Two of these young men that come to mind are CJ Pearson and Kevin Martin both of which show a vast amount of potential when it comes to political careers. CJ Pearson is a 15 year old who is more informed than the majority of Americans and he shares his knowledge through videos on Facebook.

Both have the unique ability of being able to say certain things and not immediately be called racists by liberals simply because they are black. However they have to deal with a totally new issue, a truly disgusting issue in my opinion. take a look.

  ” CJ Pearson, stay your dumb ass right where you are. Continue to persue the same $1400 that trump paid Diamond and Silk dumb ass. Young and dumb,smh”

 “so, monkey, you would side with nazis and klansmen over their opposites??”

These are just two of hundreds of comments (from grown ass liberal adults) calling a 15 year old a monkey and a lot of them call him a traitor. Meanwhile he is also getting flooded from the right with messages similar to this one,

“You go kid! I suspect it might feel pretty good to have an army of strangers cheering for you in this world. Stay humble, don’t let it stress you or go to your head. God will continue to raise you up as long as you embrace humility.”

Now see this is where I’m confused liberal America prides its self in the message of “no hate”. It prides itself in being the party there to help elevate black people and fight for their equality. However here you have a 15 year old boy, an educated, well read young man who is trying to set a pace for his life, making something of himself, and all they do is berate him. Why, because he aligned himself with the republican party. So you tell me how can you libtards honestly fight for equality than turn around and pull this. why not be proud that this young man is accomplishing things and is breaking barriers.

These Republican Americans show just how far we have come in America in the last 50+ years. I encourage you to look deeper into this issue and you will find the Façade the left puts up is simply that, a façade. They don’t want black people in places of power, hell even Obama was supposed to be a fall guy so that they could get Hillary Clinton in the presidency in 2008 (that really got away from them). They show their true colors when faced with someone who has different opinions than them, and honestly to me it is disgusting.

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