Hypocrisy of the left

With everything that has happened as of late, I have just been sitting back and watching as the hypocrisy of the left deepens to a disturbing level.

I came across a video being shared on Facebook. these two guys who did an interview with a couple who are neo-Nazis. The interviewers were straight up and asked this couple if they approved of a genocide of the Jewish people, children included. The husband was hesitant, but the wife (with her children sitting in her lap) said without hesitation, YES. to which the husband replied “I love you”. The interviewers were obviously dumbfounded.

To say these people are racist is an understatement, they are disgusting excuses for humans.

NOW, for me this is where it  gets really interesting. All of the liberal friends I have on Facebook are sharing this video and saying how angry it makes them (rightfully so). However the multiple videos of Muslims saying this exact same thing is ignored.

I recall a video of a Muslim woman who attends UCSD and is the head of the MSA (Muslim student association) on campus. she attended the on campus speech of David Horowits, a Jewish lecturer. Mr. Horowits asked her if she would condemn Hamas and Hezbollah, she would not answer. So he goes on to explain that the head of Hezbollah has said , that he hopes the Jews would gather in Israeli, so he doesn’t have to hunt us down globally. Mr. Horowits then asks the student “for it, or against it?” to which she responded with absolutely no hesitation “ For It.” 

Sooo many excuses have been made for this video from my leftist friends, but one thing is for certain. BOTH of these people (one neo-Nazi, one Muslim) when asked if they were for or against a Jewish genocide were completely FOR IT! So my question is WHY ARE THEY BEING TREATED COMPLETLY DIFFERENT BY LIBERALS? Why is a white Neo- Nazi woman who lives in America seen as more abhorrent than an obviously radical Muslim woman living  in America? Both are clearly freaking psycho.

Anyone (regardless of race or religion) who calls for the complete genocide of another entire race or religion DOES NOT deserve excuses being made for them. Neo- Nazis are condemned so much by the left and the right that you barely hear about them, yet Muslims that share the same views as this woman are celebrated and defended by liberals and the main stream media. By supporting/ celebrating/ defending this way of thinking you become an accomplice in wanting to eradicate the Jewish people. In turn YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to be disgusted by a white Nazi saying it.

So to all you liberals that fall into this category (you know who you are) I suggest that you step back and look at what you are truly in support of because to me Neo-Nazis and this breed of Muslim, Radical Islam, go hand in hand.


Written by:

Bam-Bam / Johnnyboy8613@yahoo.com

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