Hey Patriots 

Currently we are a group of 4 writers who share a similar veiw on life. In this blog we take the time to talk about everything from Parenthood to politics. THIS WILL BE YOUR ONLY WARNING: CHECK YOUR FEELINGS AT THE DOOR! We are not here to pander to your delicate ego or your ideals. Worrying about offending you is not on our minds when we write. We are always looking for more writers who are like minded and do not worry about pulling punches.

For every post we write we will sign it with our pen name and give you a corresponding email so you know who wrote it. There are times we may work together but for the majority of the time we will write alone.

No we don’t use our real names. Why? Simply because we all have families and we don’t feel like having them harassed for what we choose to say. We all know that far left liberal assholes love to “argue” facts by personally insulting and threatening innocent people. So for now we will keep who we are anonymous, that may change in the future though.

Like I said above each writer will leave a corresponding email if you want to reach them personally. If you don’t want to talk to anyone in particular email johnnyboy8613@yahoo.com someone will reply as soon as possible. As far as hate mail you are really going to need to bring the heat if you follow suit with the usual “you are a racist, faciast, homophobe, your mother should have aborted you” rhetoric you probably won’t receive a reply, because you are a basic bitch, who can’t handle getting your feelings hurt or come up with viable facts to disprove our arguments.  But if you think you are hot shit go ahead and try, and if we find you interesting enough you may receive a reply. Maybe even a whole post just for you, you special little snowflake.


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